Internet (ISP) :

SL Packages Price
1 2 Mbps (Shared) 500
2 3 Mbps (Shared) 700
3 4 Mbps (Shared) 800
4 5 Mbps (Shared) 1000
5 7 Mbps (Shared) 1200
6 8 Mbps (Shared) 1300
7 10 Mbps (Shared) 1500
8 15 Mbps (Shared) 2000
9 20 Mbps (Shared) 3000
10 Dedicated 1 Up to 5 Per Mbps 400
11 5 Mbps (Dedicated) 1500
12 10 Mbps (Dedicated) 2500
13 20 Mbps (Dedicated) 4000

Internet Packages Unlimited Use

Broadband service is a new solution in the Internet world which is faster secured and reliable than other solutions. Broadband offers continuous connection and allows user to download large volume of data and carries voice, video and data channels simultaneously. Uttara Smirity Cable Tv Limited provides high-speed broadband Internet services that are available both in DSL and wireless technology. The Charges for different options are as follows:

Terms and Conditions.:

  • I Am Committed With This Agreement: Before Sign. You Are Committed To Uttara Smirity Cable tv ltd.
  • On The Bellows Conditions:
  • Each Client Is Committed to pay the monthly charge within 7 days for the running month (Prepaid)
  • Client have to notice for disconnect the line by latter before 15th days.
  • Client will not be allowed to use any kind of software which creates problems to the network
  • Uttara smirity cable TV Ltd. (Internet Service Provider) Is committed to give particular
  • For any kind of problem you have to Inform the office
  • Every payment should have to pay in advance
(Connection Fee Condition Apply)